Giudelines for balancing the emotions

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Guidelines to understand our 'emotional system' to become transparent and sincere.

This is the 2. section accompaning Mr. Keshe's teaching about emotions (link). Its purpose is to be inspired to clean up our 'emotional system'. These guidelines include the update of the KSW #168.

As we understand the value of our emotions there will be new questions and new ideas how to handle and control our emotions. Mr. Keshe will give us guidelines to help us understanding finding 'our wormhole' to our soul.

152.004700 K: Try not to look at the emotion try to look to understand where the fields of emotion will create reactions in physicality and the soul. Then you will find the path to the soul. So the essence of change is the essence of our emotions which are changing as we interact with our environment. The environment is our school. If we are not happy with it: Start to change it now!

Before we continue be aware that this is a selection of collection of Mr. Keshe's teaching mostly from the Knowledge Seekers Workshops #168. Big thanks to the crew for contributing all the transcriptions which made it possible to get down to Mr. Keshe's paragraphs and sentences. In many other categories it was my endevour to keep the original wording of Mr. Keshe. In this one I add a little more (all in italics) of a teaching I could continue on and on and on. It is well structured and contains also homework.

But I am not Mr. Keshe and I am not a preacher wanting to start making advertising for a teaching outside the KesheFoundation. Many might like to can use these pages for their own understanding and if you wish a follow up contact me. I invite you to a discussion. (Know that I wouldn't created this category if it wouldn't be in alignment with Mr. Keshe's teaching.) As usual big thanks to the There are no timestamps in the transcription of #168 yet. Anyways the numbers in front of Mr. Keshe's statements are estimated a(=around) hhmm00 timestamps There are no hyper-links to the transformacomm yet. This category will only be updated be request

Always be aware of the strength of the emotions

163.015252 K: Man has to start learning that the strength of his Emotion, the filtering, is the only thing you can do and nothing else. So, the only path for Man is the transition time. There is transition in space with what you call 'Emotion'. 154.003100 K: Let us communicate and interact and shorten the transition point between the soul and physicality.

What does that mean? Try not to look at the emotion - It is not important to categorize our emotions. Just be aware where the fields of emotion will create reactions in physicality and the soul. We need to understand that there is a wide spectrum of different emotions—that there is jealousy, that there is anger, that there is regret, that there is trauma, that there is joy, that there is happiness, that there is fun. But there is only one spectrum of emotions reaching from hate to anger to love and joy. Knowing that there are not different segmented, separated emotions helps to simplify the process by observing the interaction of the fields. In this addition to Mr. Keshe's teaching about the emotions we will understand how to shorten the transition time, to be elevated and free of down spiraling emotions. So, when emotions come up for you in everyday life, stop analyzing and start simplifying. By simplifying, I mean instead of seeing a wide range of different emotions, view it as a wide range of this single emotion, with two sides to it—let’s say the upward end and the downward end of the spectrum. The upward end of the spectrum is experienced as elevation or elation or happiness or joy or excitement or ecstasy or peace. The downward side, or end, of this singular emotional body that you have and are, is depression, anxiety, lack—all those ideas, all those feelings that feel heavy, that feel like they slow you down, like they make you more like ice, rather than steam.

The Emotional Guidance System

The emotional body functions as a mediator, as a bridge, as a communicator, as a translator between the soul and the physicality. That’s why it is crucially important to understand how this works.

168. a21300 Carolina: this is for people to understand how they can make it to an understandable way to deal with this emotion and as you already went into the first one, when you are sad, you crunch. When you are happy you rise up. So what kind of emotions can we hold onto in order to balance these fields to be able to function at the optimum? Because if that is where the connection sits, they need to understand how to work with it.

If man would understand how to shorten the transition time, all problems would be solved, all psychological warfare types of problems would be solved instantaneously within the next generation. World-peace would be near.

168.a21400 K: the optimum comes when you can release the emotion of the physicality or the soul of the physicality into the soul of the emotion of the gaseous part or what we call the brain of the man.

If only we could teach our children in this world how to utilize the emotional body, teach them what its purpose is, how it functions, and what it means—how the fields of emotion will actually create reactions in physicality and the soul when an emotion flares up. That would be the first step. And then, when you release the emotion to the brain of the man, then you will become one.

Detachment from physicality and emotions

The key is try to be detached from emotions. As an observer learning is easier, be at ease and there will be no resistances to learn from the reactions.

168.a21400 Carolina: now, can you guide us how to do that? K: transparency to yourself and nobody else

Transparency will show you ( how you do that). Your emotions will guide you on the path of transparency.

Instead of being taken by an emotional hurricane or a deep unwanted undercurrent you accept its presence and use transparency to see about the reaction of your soul.

168.a21500 K: So what is interesting is how we transfer our emotion and how we transfer it internally with ourselves. How do we see one emotion in respect to the other?

When you’re feeling happiness, when you’re feeling joy…it’s because you have somehow positioned your personal vibration in alignment with your soul. How? Through your definitions, your belief systems, your perspectives on life. Through the point of view of Existence that you adopt, and its position—that is, where you have placed your point of view into the vibrational spectrum of creation. If you feel happy, you have placed it somewhere along the line of your alignment, somewhere in the center of your being, in the truth of your true Self. It is because you have positioned yourself magnetically/gravitationally in alignment with your soul, that you feel joy. And you feel connection—as if you belong to its light and that light belongs to you—that there is an inseparability. You feel like everything is possible, that there is infinite abundance—everywhere, and all the time! Now, this is somewhat an extreme version of the experience of alignment, but it is possible and accessible. Whenever you are happy, you are downloading some version of this alignment. Mr. Keshe is teaching about trust in yourself. When you are close to your soul, when you feel its light shining then there is space for doubt left. When you are feeling depressed or sad—not that these things are bad, not that they have to be pushed away— these feelings shouldn't be ignored either. You need to understand that when you are feeling depressed, anxious, stressed, sad, grieving, any of these ideas, these feelings…it is because you have positioned your vibrational perspective, your point of view on life, in a frequency that is out of alignment with the truth of your being. Just observe the reaction in your soul and physicality. You are not on the magnetical side of the plasma around you, you are not a giver when you are unhappy. With the right understanding of your emotions they would guide you to see your situation different. For example, if you take the perspective, “I just lost my grandfather,” or “I just lost my dog”—then, that perspective of lack, that you are lacking your dog, lacking love, feeling abandoned by your dog or your grandfather, or whatever might be “lacking,” you feel bad. But if your lack definitions were true, it would feel great to define life in that way. If it was an actual truth that you were lacking something, you would feel ecstatic about it. With a different perspective, the same event would feel amazing and exciting. We don’t feel pain because our grandfather died or because our dog died; we feel pain because the position we have taken on the matter, the point of view we have adopted on what happened, on the circumstance, is out of vibrational alignment.

Our position is removed from the light of the soul

The truth of my soul is, that its giving nature is real and the 'bad' situation I've been in, was a mispositioned because of a wrong definition, On the other hand, you could see an event like having lost your dog from the point of view of abundance. You could see it as “there is an abundance of connection” or “he has merged back into his true non-physical nature. It's soul will always be alive and I am still connected, I can still communicate with the essence of that being.” You might also think, “Now there are different ways that his being-ness can explore itself—it can evolve and move on to the next thing. It has learned everything it had to learn from this physical lifetime. We had an amazing time and we’ll have an amazing time in different ways‐simultaneously to this physical reality—unaware to my conscious mind, but that’s okay.” Those are just some examples of how you could rephrase the same situation from a broader understanding, from a frequency of love, trust, appreciation, infinite abundance, and from the truth that there is never a loss or lack of anything. Then the same scenario of losing your dog suddenly feels beautiful. This doesn’t mean you can’t shed a tear; it doesn’t mean you’re not releasing any emotional charge around all that you have accumulated over those years of friendship and companionship. It doesn’t mean you’re not sad in a way. However, you are not fundamentally, existentially sad. You don’t feel betrayed, you don’t feel lost, or lonely, or that you’re lacking. And you don’t feel disconnected from the universe; rather, you feel in alignment, you feel in Truth, you feel connected.

Be aware where the fields of emotion will create reactions in physicality and the soul. Now we understand why the fields of emotion will create reactions we are sometimes not in control of: Our position has to be change. In the same scenario, when we apply a different definition to it, it changes the whole situation, it changes your whole emotional field. Why is this? Observe the fields of emotion and learn to use it as a guidance system to always bring yourself back to center, to always re-position yourself in the center of the truth of your soul. To control your emotion you have to learn to align yourself. Quicken that process!

When you stray too far right or left, the emotional body is there to let you know that’s all it is. When you’re suffering, when you’re in pain, it lets you know that the way you are perceiving and thinking about life need to be changed. That’s all.

Suffering is meant as a guidance principle to guide you back into clarity, into truthfulness, into alignment—that’s all!. So it should be appreciated. Suffering should not be seen as a bad thing when you re-align yourself. Otherwise it will create mayhem and diseases in the physicality.

Learn how to achieve the correct balance with 'this kind of position'

168.a21000 Carolina: I asked you this question for people to learn how to achieve the correct balance with this kind of position. If nobody knew before where to look for the connection… K: you see Carolina when we are grieving or we are under pressure, we crunch and we go inside. We bring the strength of our emotional soul and the physicality soul closer so they can feed each other. It is a point of security and sharing the maximum without losing more. We take shapes and conditions. Everything we do is in respect to the emotion of the physicality

and there is a reason for: Emotions are teaching us, teaching us how to use them as guidance to correct balance.” It should be appreciated as a guidance system letting you know letting you know where you want to be and where you are not want to be. . That is clarity. That is amazing information. experiencing is the degree to which you have minimized the difference in frequency between your personal self and your spirit Self or True Self—that is, your true nature.

You Always Feel Something

Even if it feels very neutral, very soft or gentle, or very subtle, you are always feeling something—as long as you exist. You always feel something because you are always placing yourself somewhere along the line of your alignment, somewhere along the line of your soul. You are always positioning yourself somewhere in reference to what you want to achieve, where you want to experience, where you want to travel.

(link to space travel - 169.002737 K: If man understands this and has control over the emotion and the filtering of his soul, then he decides according to what salt and environment he arrives that he needs to create to manifest himself at the point of destination according to the environment. Don’t forget that everything you see here is made up of magnetic and gravitational fields of interaction.) 168.a32300 K: It very much comes out of the sincerity of the soul. 168.a32200 K: The more you become transparent to your own soul

You are always somewhere in relationship to that center point of your being, to the truth of your being which you always are. So, 168.a31400 K: each man will come to understand according to his own strength what he needs to change and what the limitation is of his fear to change. Some people are afraid of the change and some people are not afraid of the change but they are afraid of the speed of the change. We see a lot of people have a problem with new technologies and we see a lot of people have problems with new ways of living.

168.a32200 K: ...because you are always positioning yourself somewhere in reference to that, and because the light of your soul is constant, you will always be experiencing feelings based on where you have placed yourself in reference to it.

Getting detached 168.a32500 K: the time of the physicality on this level with what they thought they loved will come to an end.

How to see Suffering

168.a32500 K: This planet because this planet is nothing but suffering.

Here is the trick: Whenever you notice yourself suffering: Your brain is the first part detecting your state out of alignment with the soul. Don't ignore the suffering or the lack but don't give it attention the way you gave it in the past: Just imagine a center pole that represents your true alignment, your true center of being.

Imagine you have an elastic band -the symbol for your strength- around that center pole of your being and also that there is a smaller pole which represents your “positioned” self. The smaller pole is connected to the larger one by an elastic band, so the further you pull yourself away from the center, from the truth of your being or your “spiritual center of gravity,” the more tension will be on the elastic band. That tension is what you feel as the tugging on your being, on your body, when you are positioning your point of view out of alignment with the truth of your being. That is literally what suffering is. The further you move away, the more tension and the more stress you experience on your system—because it is actually calling you back, tugging and pulling you back. It wants to guide you back into your center of gravity.

Conclusion: Freedom from abusing ourselves!

168.a32600 K: What is it with this planet? They say, we like it. They accept suffering, not being in control. So it becomes habitual to pay, to abuse and we are the abuser of ourselves.

168.a32620 K: if you can go into the depth of the soul of the man you will find out that the life can be much easier without all this pain.

168.a32700 K: It is not going to be easy but the beauty of it is that nothing is easy unless man goes to his own soul that he finds no dimension in the realm of the creation. We don’t preach; we inspire and it is for you to find your own soul. Thank you very much.