GANS Processing: Decontamination of Water

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Ratio of CuO water to contaminated water

In order to ensure people have clean drinking water, CuO GANS Water or CuO2 GANS Water can be used to decontaminate water. The dilution ratio s 1:100. 1 litre of CuO GANS Water or CuO2 GANS Water to 100 litres of contaminated water. Pour the CuO or CuO2 GANS Water into a container with the contaminated water. Stir and allow it to settle for 12 hours. Next, extract clean water from the container. You can produce at least 50 litres of clean drinking water from 100 litres of polluted water.

Use only at your own risk and liability. Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation.