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Selection of Mr. Keshe's teaching related to Emotions


'In the section 'Mr. Keshe's teaching of the soul' (link) we learned that the soul is always shining. It is independent of physicality (link) and of it's transition through the emotions.' This is summarized in the 167th KSW:

167.013200 Mr. Keshe: We have explained this many times. Emotion is the filter for the strength of the soul... If the man learns through a simple system of the transformation of the energy as we have discussed before to matter, you can make your emotion through your own understanding that any position you decide, whether it is the palm of your hand or the point on the table to produce what you wish. This is because it is you who are the filter and not necessarily standing in front where the eye sits. If man learns in time how to use the structure of his brain (link) in the production of materials, man will soon learn depending whether he is looking to the left, to the right, or for something behind you, you can produce different materials according to the strength of the filtering that you create. So your emotion filters what to manifest in physicality using the strength of the soul of the man. That is as simple as it is; it is you who has to decide when the light will come on and what filter you want on it.

Our emotioal spectrum

152.004700 K: Try not to look at the emotion try to look to understand where the fields of emotion will create reactions in physicality and the soul. Then you will find the path to the soul and once you find through the path to the soul you will have to understand the full operation and control of the soul of the man. (link to soul, friend)

162.011830 K: You have to know which switch, when, and what is the reason for the switch and what is the essence of the change. So the essence of change is the essence of our emotions which are changing as we interact with our environment.

163.015252 K: Man has to start learning that the strength of his Emotion, the filtering, is the only thing you can do and nothing else. You cannot change the physicality, because the physicality is dictated by the condition you are in, you cannot change the strength of the Soul because the Soul stays the same doesn't matter where you go. So, the only path for Man is the transition time. There is transition in space with what you call 'Emotion'.

154.003100 K: Let us communicate and interact and shorten the transition point between the soul and physicality. It is not important to categorize our emotions. We need to understand that there is only one spectrum of emotions reaching from hate to anger to love and joy. Knowing that there are not different segmented, separated emotions helps to simplify the process by observing the interaction of the fields.' ' 163.015920 K: Try to understand the interaction of the Fields. Try to understand the pleasure, and understand the limitation of the physicality on this planet. Then, you can dictate the emotion.

Life itself is a big class-room: We interact to learn. We earn knowledge to shorten the transition point to re-balance ourselves. We might be dissatisfied with ourselves or with somebody else. We need to understand that we created that to learn to re-balance ourselves. Then there will no loss in strength, strength of the emotion is regained.

162.005100 K: Then if you understand this you have to go a step further.

If I receive so much energy at the level that then I can use part of it as the emotion to change the physicality, now how can I get to the energy that sends and receives to become emotion and the energy of the soul? Then you find the path to the soul of the man. It is no good building a car if you don’t understand how to build roads and how to travel. It is no good having the physicality of the man and not knowing the road to his existence. It is the path through the emotion of the soul. Then when you understand this, through the emotion you can change the physicality so rapidly that you become the chameleon of the universe. We have been there but we never understand.

162.003700 K: The fear of the man to hold onto to his physicality is 99% of the cause of his demise. Trust in the feeling of the emotion and understanding that the strength of the soul is the key to becoming nonphysical.

Detach yourself from physicality and you understand that 154.004657 K: the fear of the unknown has restricted man to the physicality of the body and all the conditions we have seen. 165.002643 K: Now you understand that all of you have the capability to be in space and don’t have the fear if I am left in space what am I going to do? A traveller in space is fearless. 154.003114 K: Understand the fear of the man and the truth about himself.

What is fear?

162.021200 K: The fear is a condition that we do not understand where the physicality will show itself. The fear is: ...the condition, of how do we allow ourselves to exist, without the dividing? The fear is in a way, restriction we put, that we do not want to give anymore. The fear is: The strength that puts limitation. The fear is: How we can disturb the conditions? The fear is: How we can survive the condition? The fear is: How much can we give, without being taken? The fear is: How much can be given without giving of totality?

When we are not stealing anymore but getting truthful and transparent then we understand that a man who is giving is receiving goodness. Being on that path of giving we understand that we automatically are given more. We control the magnetical gravitational field, we trust in ourselves.

162.003700 K: At the point when I see my soul and the energy it holds can become part of another to give it life, to exist longer or to become part of another that it can serve more.

161.20902 K: The soul of the man is much stronger and the emotion of the man is a level down because it changes and it reduces to become the emotion. And then the emotion that reduces in terms of the physicality. In a way if you look at it you can have the spectrum of the same thing. But, if the gap is big enough you can have the soul, the emotion and the physicality within the structure of one element.

The understanding of the emotion will lead to the physical manifestation of his presence

162.003912 K: So let’s go back into the emotion and find out how we can at least use our emotion to change our physicality. ..Can we do that or do we need to fine-tune slightly the fields, which are coming from the soul? Let’s say by offering it at the level of the emotion we have the tangibility of the existence and then we can interact so that we do not need the fragile world of existence of the body of the man. How much can we teach is not the problem. How much the man allows himself to accept the new according to the level of his own intelligence and to the level of his understanding about the world of creation.

162.004332 K: It is you who has to find the wormhole into the life of your emotion and through the understanding of its strength to find the wormhole and the passage in so many small ways into your soul and then you can open the motorways of it. It takes time. It comes out of total belief in one’s emotion, total belief that what you do is correct, total belief in what you do is said to be for the betterment of the others, and not you. This is the key. Not going out and giving physically that you buy a key to the path to the next world, but understanding how through the strength of your emotion you can open the key to your soul and you can find the access to your soul. You can find a way to bring the fields in the level of the strength of the soul, the emotion and the physicality more or less to a point that by changing by one slightly, the other one changes.

162.004459 K: This is the key; this is the hidden key in the whole structure of the existence of the man. If the change is too much on the soul side, the physicality needs to change too much. You cannot change the liver and put it on the head and you cannot put your kidneys on your toes. But you can adjust it so that everything shrinks to the point that it can work and deliver and manifest itself, but the emotion can accept that the physicality exists and the soul can accept the changes both in the environment and the emotion and its own existence of the physicality at the point of the manifestation.

162.004541 K: So, one of the first steps is to understand how does my emotion, the environment I live in, and the accommodated condition, change me? And use that path to find a way to your emotion.

Control of emotions is pre requisite to Space Travel

163.011036 K: We go back to the teaching. We taught in the past few weeks, how you can transfer Emotion into direction of the Soul, or, Emotion to the direction of physicality. How do we control the Emotion that can react and interact with physicality so that the change in physicality can be instantaneous? You got to remember one principle and this is the principle of the transformation, and transfer of physical conducts of Plasma. The Source does not change that much. The Sun, the strength of the Sun, more or less in billions of years, is still the same in the Plasma structure of the Solar System. It is the distance and the strength of the fields in the path of the gravitational-magnetic field from the Sun which dictate the manifestation of the reality of the entity, like Earth, Jupiter, Saturn and the rest. (link to atmo cond)

161.002727 K: One of the biggest problems for man will be the trust in the emotion and the dimension of observation without the eye. We have to come to rely on the feelings and our emotions more than the eyes. We will see through the light of the soul not through the eye of the man.

159.004311 K: You will not see computerized screens in our spaceships. What happen if you are in space and it breaks? Do we have to come all the way back to earth to get silicon and a design of the chip? Do we have to carry the blueprint of every chip? Or, do we learn through the dimension of the emotion the way you dream and the way your dreams are visual and the way you see, touch, feel and taste become the reality of the operation of the manifestation of the emotion.

159.004414 K: Go back through our teachings. Many times I referred to the time that will come that will manifest in front of you the presence of, Blessed is His Name, the Christ. Each one will see him the way you perceive him to be according to your own emotion. And it will be interesting when we put many Christians together and let them play the game on the screen of life of plasma and how each one sees the Blessed Christ through their emotion... So, when you come to become the man of space in the Space Institute in Accra you will come to a new dimension of understanding yourself and the operation of your soul better than you ever thought. Computers are too slow.

159.004533 K: In our spaceships you find no mechanical support, because motors are irrelevant and worse than computers. But, if you have created the containment of the emotion within the structure of different strength plasmas you will find the core will take physical structure. This is the future. We have to learn through the emotion how to protect the skin of the man from the environment of space. The first step is not to force the condition on the plasma but to understand the interaction of your emotion with the plasma. (link to atmo cond)

159.004651 K: This is the secret of the man in space, to understand the emotion of the environment and to understand the strength of the environment in which you exist and how you want to be in that environment.

165.002400 K: Go back to the space technology that we have been teaching in the past 3 to 4 months. What I say when you at a point of destination according to the environment and how you feel that you have to survive, you change your physicality. We change the emotion.

161.013500 K: From now on the race is on for man to know his own soul and the connection of his own soul with his own emotion and physicality and how he wants to show that physicality.The emotion of the man is not in the heart of the man but is in the soul of the man and you shall see.

163.011213 K: We need to control our Emotion so that it can lead to the rapid change of the physicality, according to the atmosphere. But here is the beauty of spacetralling: You choose the destination based on your wish to see the environment of the emotion you want to explore: 165.002500 K: When I told you that you come to the environment according to the emotion, you change to fit the emotion to the physicality according to the soul

When you handle the emotion you look at the space technology.


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